International Learning Hub Korea

Hello guys ^^ How is everything going over there? Hope everything is running well!!

In this chance, I want to share with you about a great and fun activity that I have been doing this semester. It is called ILHK or International Learning Hub Korea. This is an organization established by some of international students in Korea. Many of us are KGSP students, but there are also some who are not.

The activity is actually really fun. We, as foreigners, try to introduce our different cultures to junior high students. We are divided in to 4 groups, such as; crafts n tastes, language n culture, arts n games, science n tech. In these groups, we will do some presentations and make some fun activities such as games, science experiments, tasting food, etc.

The activity is held at different junior high for around 4-5 times on Saturday. The students who are willing to participate will register their name and will get a certificate afterwards. They were pretty excited when we came there. They kept greeting any of us in the hallway and say “Hello! Hello!”. And their fresh bright spirit could make our day after long preparations.

This organization is aimed to create a good understanding about differences among us as foreigners and comers in Korea and the students itself. Besides, we as the members of the team, can practice the team work as well and of course also learn to handle the children. Some of them might be so quiet, or shy, or active, or even wild like the third workshop in one of the boys junior high school. But, it is really fun tho. Just imagine those cute funny innocent exited faces for whole day and there was a girl came to me to tell me a joke about Indonesia. She said, “선생님, 지금 인도에서 몇시인지 알아요?” (Sonsaengnim, jigem indo-eso myotsiinji arayo?/ Teacher, do you know what time is in India now?) “몇시죠?” (myotsijyo?/ what time?) “인도 네 시아!” (indo ne sia/ India is 4 o’clock). Well, if you don’t know what it means, you might find it not funny but if you could see the girl’s face and giggling, it was a bit funny.

Anyways, here are some of the pics during the workshop. So for yous guys, who might come to Korea as exchange students or whatever and stay in Korea especially in Seoul or nearby, we are so grateful to have you guys working together and having fun. Because, everything starts with children ^^

PS : more info about ILHK, please visit and lik


*(almost all of) The whole fam of ILHK, students, and the staffs from school



*(almost all of) The members of our team, arts n games



*Random pic when many of us weren’t ready enough to pose 😦


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