I Bet You Want to Know About Me

What do I see

When I look at me?

My eyes are stunning

It full of emotions

They will tell you what I feel, no lies

My face is the opposite of my eyes

It is a good liar

So, don’t get trapped!

It can get you into lies

So just look straight in to my eyes

My hair is as black as black hole, but prettier

My hands are strong enough to hold yours anytime

My strength is my hug

Come straight to me,

And I will give my warmest hug

My heart got trauma

Yet it is trying to recover

I’m very deep person

Look into my eyes, and you’ll see yourself drowned

I’m little bit talkative yet always run out of topic

I’m not very good at singing

But my lyrics are amazing

I never want to be stopped for digging things

I will never hurt people

Coz I know they will be the helpers

My friends are varies

And I hope one of them will be my soulmate someday

I live as if tomorrow is in my hands

And I’m the one who decide things

I hope I stop being fake just to get fitted

And people can accept me as I do accept them

I dream being inside the black-hole

Dark, silent, and peace

To help me think



And get ready to be the real me

This is me

What do you see?


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