People are Also You

Dark, deep, and comfortable

But orange light is trying to peek through the window with shade half closed

New fresh air is starting to shroud

I am in dilemma between listening to morning tweets or continue my sleeping beauty

“Ah, morning comes again”

I remember one quote

-Live like there is no tomorrow-

What a such motivating quote

I get up and look at the mirror

I see a reflection

A person who is trying to fit in to the things set

-The problem I have is that my life is someone else’s idea-

Lots of sighs I make anytime

It feels like I’m climbing a coconut trees, yeah plural

No rope, no other equipment

As I try to climb, I suck much oxygen

And of course my time, it really is high

As I am busy climbing and control my breath

I run out of my time, my life

But no one can get rid of that, you know right?

People live in the setting from society, and they get suffered

Society consists of bunch of people, and they make settings


You make your own standard to yourself

Well it is okay, yet the standardization you make, in some ways create the biggest ones

Which scare people

And people are also you

Watch your actions and words

Coz they will be your helpers someday as you will be theirs as well


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