Do It! It’s Your Life!





Lot of people passing by this time

Bringing their suitcase, small bag, big bag, boxes

Of course they are up to something

Something they should or wanna do

Their purpose

No wait! Not singular! It should be purposes

Cz I believe human have uncountable purposes in life

Purposes without the end

And without the limit

Is it human greed?

But if you don’t have those, you have no goal in life

As how society has given the prejudice so

Or you just don’t wanna follow up what people have made it up?

Decide everything on your own?

Put aside any prejudices and live your life?

Doing it fun because YOLO?

And be useless

As how society thinks so

You know…

You will never know the answer


Unless you keep walking the path till die

Feeling the bad and good judgements from what you have/ haven’t done

Nothing to be worried about, cz it all will be disappeared at the end

But before that, better for you to do what your heart asking you to do

At least when the time is over, you will not regret at the end

And everything won’t disappear for nothing

Because you have to keep in mind to yourself that no one but you who can judge

Cz you know yourself better than anyone else


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