If I Could Send a Letter to Myself…

Dear my past self….

You had been through many hard time outside and inside, like other people had

When only you who know what and how it was

Got hurt as time went by but stronger at the same time

Got a lot of lessons how you should have treated others in the best way so that they don’t need to feel how the way you felt

Being confused to whom you should tell

Them? Of course not

Or the persons who you met for the first time in the world? Neither

You just kept it in until you blamed yourself instead

Blamed it harshly

It is okay, by blaming it you decided something for revenge

Which was “the level where you are in now”

Isn’t great? You achieved somethings because of revenge?

Hahaha, it benefits you, doesn’t it?

Dear my present self….

It is enough for being hunted by everything you had been through

You can’t throw it away, nor flip it off, nor change it

This time you need to forgive yourself then you can forgive the rest

Try to accept yourself

When nobody does, who else but you?

Cz now is the time when you need to find something to be done in the future

Based on your consciousness in your decisions


What will it be?

“I achieved it cz my past wasn’t satisfying, I did it, and now I have no foundation to build myself any higher than this. I got lost. Unknowing which one I should choose, future full of adventures or, the “settled down” things back in my home?”

Anything, perhaps this is how you start everything all over again safely where you can start it from zero then you can decide your fate, by starting from start

Everything is in your hands now, you can decide freely but remember you know the consequences are coming afterwards

So, the journeys are waiting for you to decide which one you think is the best and worth

Dear my future self….

Anything you have become,

Remember your history

Remember the roads you had been walking along the way

Remember your origin and remember the decisions you had made

Which helped you to be something you found in your journeys

Remember all who hurt, helped, and held your hand

They were all there to drive you went along in your paths

You know… “future” thing is full of “remember!” “remember!” and “remember!”

You know the reason…

When all the things you have experienced turn to be “memories” for you and them

And the last thing you wanna say will be “thank you for these ups and downs great journeys”


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