When The Angel is even More Evil

There was someone said to me (even tho not personally), “You know, people are afraid of gangsters easily even only from how they appear. Even they are not gangsters, but have many tattoos on them, people tend to be afraid and think they are gangsters. But, I think that government and CEO’s are the ones who need to be afraid of even more”

Nice thinking and such an interesting thought. How people always judge others based on how they look, at first, natural behavior. And make some prejudices that people in suit are people with morality and kindness. Many great big super power people are even meaner. Compared to the gangsters who are homeless and full of creepy tattoos, people in suit look so much better and more morality they hold on. The are judged as good persons who give people money (from jobs and policies) where gangsters take away yours. But sometimes…

When gangsters kill 10 people for fun,

People in suit kill 10 cities with full of people for interest,

When gangsters take away your money on the street harshly,

People in suit deplete out your chance to have money slowly but sure,

When gangsters like to swearing out loud,

People in suit kill you with promises,

When gangsters are messing up in the middle of the night,

People in suit screwing up 24/7,

When gangsters are having no jobs,

People in suit take away your job even,

When gangsters are chased after by police,

People in suit bribe them to be silent,

When gangsters are feeling so free to do anything they want,

People in suit pop your balloon of freedom in the air,

When gangsters are behaving so far different with the moral,

People in suit do criminals morally,

It gives me interest when they look so far different in the appearance but sometimes make people think about them oppositely from the the facts. And they keep being under the society’s opposite prejudices till the end of the day.


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