How Mysterious The Present is?

“Ti ti ti tit… ti ti ti tit…” ignore it, it is just my routine alarm calling me to wake up.

Yeap, I need to wake up every time these alarms call me, no matter I want or I don’t want to, because I believe that all people set alarm to wake them up so that they can continue chasing their targets on time.

Waking up, the time that I hate the most but also I am grateful the most. It is just the thing which always keeps remaining me about the fact of the decision I had made.

People keep saying that “tomorrow” is a “future” which is always mysterious and full of surprises. But for me, present is more mysterious, because it will decide the future implication based on what I am doing nowaday. Wanna know why? For instance, you are required to do something or even some things, then you do it know, there will be 3 possible and simple scenarios happen ; 1. you don’t do it, 2. you do it but you fail, or 3. you do it well. Based on one of that scenarios then you create “tomorrow” as your future, which is mysterious. How if “today” you do it? How if “today” you do it but fail? How if “today” you do it well? Many “how”s questions occur, meaning it is even more mysterious than “tomorrow” because those scenarios will be your decision which still becomes mysterious until you make it. And for the result? Of course it will mysterious as well, because I never say it isn’t. Although, it will come follow based on one mysterious decision you made.



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