Beaches In Busan Part I

Hello guys, for this article I’m gonna write it in English to make all readers can read it. Here I will write about beaches in Busan. As you know that Busan is famous for its beaches as tourists attractions. So, I decided to make a list and try to explain the directions to go there. So, just check it out 🙂

Gwangalli Beach (광안리)10954_10104807733216015_5000810784629935106_n

Gwanganli is like the symbol of Busan city where it has the most famous bridge named Gwanganli bridge. Gwanganli is really good for you guys to see the beatiful lightning of the bridge and probably if some of you want to have romantic date, you can try to come to Gwanganli as well. In gwanganli there are 2 most famous fastival :

  1. Gwangalli Eobang Festival (광안리 어방축제)

The festival, held in Busan, is a spirited celebration of both the spring and the ocean. The word ‘Eobang’ describes the spirit of the fishermen in the coastal regions, and the meaning carries over to the festival. Attendees can visit many popular nearby tourist destinations, such as Gwangalli Beach and the Gwangan Bridge and can even try bare–hand fishing, take part in a cooking contest, or sample a wide selection of interesting cuisine. Many people attend to try the sashimi sliced fresh catches of Busan at the attractive prices. It has some programs are :

– Wind surfing competition, marine reports activity experience
– Enjoying traditional boat ride, sampling local specialties
– Making wish lanterns and exhibitions

Period : (around) 28-30 April

  1. Busan Fireworks Festival (부산 불꽃축제)

The “Busan Fireworks Festival” takes place every October along Gwangalli Beach. The festival’s diverse programs of cultural events, high-tech laser light shows, and myriad of unique and colorful fireworks make this one of the area’s most popular festivals, drawing crowds of over 1 million visitors each year. Though most people flock to the beach for a closer view of the festivities, nearby Hwangnyeongsan Mountain also offers a great view of the fireworks. It has some programs are :

– Busan multi fireworks show
– Fireworks from overseas invited countries
– Marine Show Water Board

Period : (around) 22 October

Then, how to get there?

(금련산역)Geumnyeonsan Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 1 & 3.
(광안역)Gwangan Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 3 or 5.

Walk straight 600m until you see Gwangalli Beach.

To -> Gwanganlihaesuyokjang (광안리해수욕장), Can use buses number : 1, 108, 38, 42, 49, 62, 83, 83-1

Haeundae Beach (해운대)


Haeundae is one of the most visited beach in Busan to see sun rise and sun set. Here, there are more hotels, restaurants, and more visited for having beach relaxation/ surfing during summer. There are also some festivals held in haeundae, such as :

  1. Haeundae Sand Festival (해운대 모래축제)

This festival takes place at Busan’s beautiful Haeundae Beach, an extremely popular summer vacation spot. The festival’s program is full of events inspired by the beach’s beautiful white sand. One of the highlights of the festival is the hot sand bath (beneficial for health and beauty), where visitors are buried in the sand from head to toe. Other events include a beach volleyball competition, an exhibition of different types of sand from around the world, and a marathon race.

The festival continues into the night with spectacular fireworks displays, concerts, and other entertainment events. Popular tourist destinations such as the Jagalchi Market, Gwangalli, and Taejongdae are all located nearby. Visitors can also stop by one of the many restaurants along the coast to sample the sushi for which Busan is famous.

Period : (around) 27-30 May

  1. Busan Sea Festival (부산 바다축제)

The Busan Sea Festival was first held in 1996 to promote Busan as a beautiful harbor city. The festival takes place at Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach, Songdo Beach, Dadaepo Beach, Songjeong Beach, and at other places in Busan. The festival offers various cultural events and unique hands-on programs. As Korea’s first general ocean festival, it puts on many exciting programs including a great opening ceremony, cultural performances, and other special events. With a total of 6 beaches holding the event, each beach has different programs and performances for all ages. Programs :

[Opening ceremony]
– ‘Water Playground & Night Pool Party’
– Haeundae Beach Special Stage, big-scale swimming pool, water cannon, etc
– Unique events to enjoy both water gun fight and performances
– Cast: San E, Jessi, Jeong Ji-go, Mad Clown, Shop Con, Reddy, Huckleberry P, Superbee, myunDo, DJ Revers Finger, DJ Conan, etc

[Participating Events]
– Water Playground
– Teenagers Band Performance Competition
– Dancing Together (Salsa & Tango)
– 2016 BeFM Expat DJ Contest

– 2016 Sea Festival
– Min•Gwan•Gun Congruence Patriotic Concert
– Busan Sea & Jazz Festival
– Local Song Festival
– 7080 Family Love Concert
– 2016 Sea Concert

[Other Events]
– Sea Festival for People with disabilities
– Songjeong Beach Festival
– Busan Teenagers Sea Festival

[Sponsored Events]
– Hard Rock Cafe Busan Summer Concert
– GIGA Legend Match

Period : (around) 1-7 August

  1. Holi Hai (Festival of Colors)

Holi Hai, also known as the Festival of Colors, celebrates the coming of spring, the joy of friendship, and equality for all. All nationalities and ethnicities are encouraged to participate ! Make sure to wear white because this party gets colorful. The colored powders used in Holi represent happiness, love, and the freedom to live vibrantly. Take the opportunity to cover yourself and your friends in colorful powders and dance your heart out. Enjoy loud bollywood music, delicious samosas, and an afternoon of messy. You can register at for participation.

Period : (around) 15-20 March

Then, how to get there?


(해운대역)Haeundae Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 3 or 5.
– Walk straight from the exit about 500 m to arrive at Haeundae Beach.Walk straight 600m until you see Gwangalli Beach.

– From Busan Station, take bus 139, 140, 239, 240 or 302 to Haeundae.
– From Busan Aiport, take Airport Bus (KAL Limousine Bus) to Haeundae.
– From Sasang Terminal, take City Bus 31 or 31-1 bus to Haeundae.

Taejongdae Beach (태종대)


Here, for you guys who like to see the forest but also the the cliff and beach, here I recommend. Taejongdae has long road next to small forest and beach in other side along the road. But here, you can not swim because the beach is next to the high cliff and also deep sea with strong wind some time. But the view is really pretty with the great nature of forest combined with beach and cliff. This place is also great destination to see sun rise and sun set.

In the picture above, for going there you need to walk along the road for probably 30-45 minutes but you also can use the small train offered only for 2000KRW roundtrip.

Then, how to get there?

(중앙역)Jungang Station (Busan Subway Line 1) Exit no.6->(부산세관 정류장) Busan Segwan Bus stop, take buses number 101-> Get down in (태종대) Taejongdae Bus Stop

From Busan Station, take Bus 88 or 101 and get off at Taejongdae Cliff Bus Stop.
Other buses bound for Taejongdae: No. 8, 13, 30, 88, or 101.

Igidae Park (이기대 도시자연공원)


In this beach, we will have a walk along beside the beach. It has some bridges to connect from one cliff to another cliff. It is really good for doing hiking started from Igidae to Oryukdo or the opposite, because these two beaches are connected by small mountain.

Then, how to get there?

Choryang Station (Busan Subway Line 12), Exit 12.
Walk 63m, take Bus 27 and get off at Igidae Ipgu Bus Stop. (16 bus stops away)
Cross the street and walk 1.08km toward the park.

Oryukdo Skywalk (오륙도 스카이워크)


This is my favorite spot to spend my boring time. This beach ha huge grassland and big park to stay. Also it has beautiful scenery form the top of the hill when we see it along the coast of the beach. Not forget to mention, it has the sky walk like the picture above to feel like we walk above the sky and the sea beneath our feet. For you who like doing hiking, Igidae-Oryukdo are the best mate of places to have hiking with the sea net to you along your way.

Then, how to get there?


From Busan Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 10
–  Take bus 27 near Exit 10.
– Get off at Oryukdo SK View Humun (Backgate) Bus Stop. (25 stops)
– Walk ahead about 275 m to reach the destination.

(경성대.부경대역)Kyungsung Univ. Pukyung Univ Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 5-> (경성대학교입구 정류장) Kyungsung Univ Entrance bus stop, bus no. 21-> (여륙도SK뷰후문 정류장) Oryukdo SK View Humun

Resources :

So, those are some beaches I have visited in Busan. For the next article, I will try to write the second part about beaches in Busan which are worth to visit 🙂

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