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Hello, how are you guys doing over there? First of all, I’d like to give you warm greeting. WELCOME TO MY BLOG ^^

You guys can call me Rani 🙂 nice to see ya. Here, I will post about some of my activities in South Korea, some interesting places worth to visit of course, my writings, and of course about KGSP. But for the information about KGSP, I will be writing it in Bahasa Indonesia, to help friends from Indonesia to understand better how to apply for it 🙂

As many of you guys know, I am one of the KGSP students in 2016. But to make clearer about how my education background is, I studied at TK Dharmawanita II Tebel (2001-‘3), SDN Banjarkemantren 1 (2003-‘9), SMPN 3 Sidoarjo (2009-’12), SMAN 1 Sidoarjo (2012-’15), Airlangga University for International Relations (but only one semester and resign in January 2016, 2015), Dongseo University for Korean Language (2016-’17), and currently is studying at Kyunghee University, majoring Economics.

When I was in high school, I was pretty active to have many competitions. I used to be English Debater since the first year of high until my university life. I could say that from my hard debate journeys, I found my motivation to go abroad, thus I started to apply some scholarships, and 7 in totals. Such as ; Turkiye Burslari, Westminster University, Mitsui-busan Japan, Ancora Foundation Malaysia, Russian Government, Romanian Government, and the last one was Korean Government, or well known as KGSP. Trust me, it was super hard time for me to get my first biggest goal in life. Especially when both of my parents were pretty rejecting my plans to go, and I had to keep every journeys (applying for the scholarship) behind their back. I just told them when I got accepted, nevertheless, I couldn’t convince them enough to let me go to study at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania. Of course I was extremely disappointed. And then I took plan B to study at Airlangga University, but I got bored. It wasn’t what I really wanted. Guess what? I didn’t believe I couldn’t make it. Then I tried for the last one, KGSP. Once again, they didn’t know. Because the time I couldn’t go to Romania, my dad gave me a test. If I could take care of everything during the selection (including go to Jakarta by myself) he’d like to let me go. Of course it was piece of cake. Why should I be afraid?

Well, short story, I got lucky enough and everything ran well during the selection and I could come to Korea to study. Here, I try to fill my life with something fun and experiencing. I join some activities and organizations which I will tell the stories also in my blog. Additionally, I will also share some of stories about living in Korea. Hope you guys can enjoy reading my writing ^^

You really are welcome to give some advice and critics below, but I do hope you guys can write it politely 🙂 Thank you.

PS : if you see someone can do things, believe in yourself that you can do the same or even much more. Just think positive and do positive. HAVE A GREAT DAY ^.^!

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5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Kak.. mau tanya dong hehehe.. kalo lulusan SMK juga bisa daftar besiswa korea kah? DItunggu jawabannya ya kak makasih 🙂


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